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We are sub Contract Equipment Manufacturers (CEM) and because we only manufacture our customer’s products this means that you have our undivided attention!

At UK Electronics we understand that working with our customers is of prime importance. Whichever service you chose to use, you will be guaranteed a friendly and professional service that will adapt to your requirements. If you are interested in any of the services we offer please telephone 0161 626 4117 or email your enquiry to, we will be pleased to discuss your requirements without obligation.

Enjoy peace of mind with UK Electronics.

Comprehensive Electronics Capability

Electronic Assembly

UK Electronics specialises in the manufacture of high-technology boards that demand the highest levels of quality and reliability. We can offer a wide range of PCB batch sizes from rapid prototypes, one offs through to full contract volumes at reasonable cost.
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Electronic Design

UK:E has been providing specialist design services to the electronics industry for the last 30 years. Our wealth of knowledge and experience makes us the ideal choice for electronic product development. We offer our customers a complete electronic solution.
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PCB Design

UK Electronics has over 30 years’ experience in circuit design and prototype PCB CAD layout. We have undertaken most CAD layout technology requirements such as surface mount, single, double sided and multi-layer technology.
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Product Test

At UK Electronics we employ several Test Engineers who all have an extensive knowledge of electronics as a result of years of experience and training. Our engineers are here to ensure that all products manufactured are built to the highest standard possible.
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EMC Testing

UK Electronics offers a low cost, fast and efficient way to CE mark your products. With the help of an experienced engineer, we will provide you with on the spot advice and solutions, to help you to achieve and maintain compliance.
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At UK Electronics all of our products are inspected to IPC 610 standards. We have a team of 10 inspectors throughout our business, each of the inspectors specialise within their own area i.e. surface mount, through-hole and final assembly.
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Mechanical Assembly

UK Electronics has significant experience in the assembly of complete system builds. We can: place your printed circuit boards into final product assemblies, provide fully wired assemblies i.e. cabinets, backplanes and racks, etc.
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Conformal Coating

UK Electronics has the capability to conformal coat customer’s circuit board products to protect them from moisture in humid environments. We have the ability to either dip or spray your product dependant on your requirements.
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Component Sourcing

At UK Electronics we offer a full electronic component / PCB procurement service to all of our customers. We also have the essential key industry contacts allowing us to design and procure items on your behalf such as bespoke metal work.
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PCB Prototyping

At UK Electronics we offer our customers a dedicated PCB prototyping facility. The prototyping package includes a fast turnaround service utilising both hand and machine build which mirrors the production build mechanics.
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